Rideshare Drivers Association of America

The mission of the RSDAA is to help drivers in every way possible, from deals & discounts to webinars and tips to learn from the best drivers out there.

RSDAA's Mission

RSDAA intend to be the best resource in our power to assist rideshare drivers in the rapidly growing and evolving gig economy. This association is ran by actual drivers and not some “man behind the curtain” and we will make a real impact on this industry and ensure that every member of this association gets a ton of value from joining. Read More

RSDAA is Run by Actual Drivers

Membership Benefits

We provide training, seminars and webinars to share valuable information and best practices and focus on personal and business development. We have gathered some of the most successful drivers in the industry to comprise all this information. Read More

Latest News

Waymo drops some patent claims against Uber in its landmark self-driving car lawsuit

The self-driving car startup, which is a Google spinoff, is dropping three of its four patent claims against Uber’s lidar technology. Lidar, a kind of radar technology that uses lasers instead of radio waves, is the key component in self-driving cars that allows the vehicles to “see” the world around them.