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RSDAA's Mission

The mission of the RSDAA is to help drivers in every way possible, from deals & discounts to webinars and tips to learn from the best drivers out there. We intend to be the best resource in our power to assist rideshare drivers in the rapidly growing and evolving gig economy. This association is ran by actual drivers and not some “man behind the curtain” and we will make a real impact on this industry and ensure that every member of this association gets a ton of value from joining. Please join today and let your voice be heard. If we come together we can make a huge impact for everyone in this industry! A bigger membership base gives us ‘strength in numbers’ and the large membership gives us ‘weight’ when it comes time to let large ride-share companies, know how rideshare drivers feel about their industry. If you’re a member, thank you for your continued support. If you’re not a member, please join the cause and fill out the membership form below and join RSDAA today! The members of the RSDAA are a diverse population and work in the ride-share industry for many different reasons, some drive full time, some have full-time jobs and drive on the weekend for extra spending money, some drive to fill in gaps between jobs, some drive just to keep themselves busy and others drive to network and meet people…Whatever your reason, we all want to give passengers a great time, and the respect and protection that most other work.