Knowledge Base



Who does the RSDAA stand for?

The RDSAA speaks to and for ride share drivers across America. We will bolster ride share drivers from every accessible stage, and we emphatically support rivalry from new participants to the market testing Uber’s syndication on the rideshare industry and giving drivers a decision. We additionally speak to our individuals’ advantages in discourses with state and national government as rideshare enactments and regulations creates and changes.


Why do drivers need an association?

The nature of the ride-sharing industry means that drivers work independently from each other, and unlike taxi drivers who stop at ranks, our drivers seldom get the opportunity to meet or engage with their colleagues. By forming an association we are bringing drivers together to have a collective voice. In addition to its strong representation for the industry, RSDAA advances the interests of its members by developing membership services and programs that allow drivers to earn more money and keep more of the money they are earning. We offer business services and programs that are designed specifically for you, your family and your overall well being.