Best Apps & Sites

Ride Ad [ ]

Pays you to place a tablet in your car. When you sign up for Ride Ad you receive a tablet, the equipment and (most importantly) more money.

UpShift [ ]

A mobile app designed just for on-demand ride share drivers to use while they work. Our platform allows drivers to integrate all their work platforms ( Uber, Lyft, Roadie, OrderUp, etc.) in one dashboard.

Wrapify [ ]

Wraps outside of cars with advertisements. The advertisements are matched with drivers after they complete a specified number of miles. You can’t do wrapify while driving with Uber or Lyft though.

Waze [ ]

Navigation app
Alerts you of traffic accidents, hazards and police.


On-demand drivers can easily accept reservation requests, create individual profiles and market their independent contractor businesses to both existing and potential new riders. Riders can “favorite” drivers and choose to send requests to their “Favorites Only.” Allows drivers to set their schedules, meet financial goals, build solid customer bases and ultimately grow their independent contractor businesses.


Roadie [ ]

Send items across town or across country with people instead of mail. Also transfers pets, Money to drive and mileage can written off, more $ for pets.

Postmates [ ]

Food Delivery service, get paid up to $25 an hour

Doordash [ ]

Pickup food from restaurants and drive them to people

Shipt [ ]

Paid to grocery shop/deliver
Make up to $25 an hour

AmazonFlex [ ]

Deliver packages from amazon
Earn $18-$25 hourly

While Waiting

Slidejoy [ ]

Plays personalized adverts in the lock screen. Receive payment for ads through paypal or gift cards.

I-say [ ]

Receive rewards for taking surveys and polls

AppTrailers [ ]

Earn money watching trailers for apps, earn more for downloading. Earn points that turn in to money or gift cards.

Viggle [ ]

Earn money watching tv and playing games.

Mystro [ App Store ]

Built by a driver with over 10,000 rides, Mystro allows you to drive for multiple apps simultaneously and filter requests without getting distracted.

Square [ ]

Can accept tips and it’s a free app.

Flightstats [ ]

Is a free app that will allow you to see when flights are arriving and departing, so you’ll know the best times to post up and wait for a ride.

Honk [ ]

Honk(free app) offers on-demand roadside assistance anywhere in the USA starting at $50. They’ll come rescue you if you have a flat tire, run out of gas, and so forth – it’s kind of like Uber for roadside assistance.

Stride Drive [ App Store ]

A cool new option. It offers an automatic system that detects when you’re driving, so you can be sure to log every mile. It’s already out on iOS.

Hurdlr [ ]

Free mileage tracking option. It allows for more control over tracking, so it won’t use up so much battery when you’re not driving.