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Creating a New Atmosphere

More Revenue For You

A ‘strike’, or actively halting all rideshare operations, is extremely challenging for the workers and the company, but this is a common avenue for workers when they feel like their financial or other needs are not being met— especially due to the ‘freelance’ nature of rideshare. Moreover, most rideshare drivers simply cannot afford to sacrifice real-time income generation. In fact, over 75% use this service as their only source of income. However, if drivers were partially unionized, they would have a greater chance in arbitration with large ride-share corporations like Uber.

City Reps to Negotiate

Numerous rideshare drivers are frustrated with their parent associations feeling that they are not being adequately heard by overseers. An association with certain city specialists would be an extensive move in the right direction towards setting up an effective system, upgrading driver support and growing access to local rideshare information and feedback centers.

Higher Wages

A true rideshare association would attempt to push for tangible changes within Uber, Lyft’s (and others) pay structure.



At this point when a driver’s rating is too low, it’s very likely to wind up deactivated by a rideshare company, no request asked; no oversight; no obligation and no explanation from the top level executives. With a real rideshare connection, drivers would have the ability to guarantee themselves an association that would help them in with an opportunity to appeal and fight for them.


Insurance is presently a questionable area for some rideshare drivers. A union or rideshare support association would be allowed to push for extended scope with the objective of fundamentally lessening the drivers need to pay out-of-pocket.

RSDAA is Run by Actual Drivers