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Rideshare Drivers Association of America

Protecting Drivers’ Interests

Drivers have their own personal interests and should have a say in the operation of their independent venture, we enable drivers and companies like Uber to cooperate to promote synergy.


We provide training, seminars and webinars to share valuable information and best practices and focus on personal and business development. We have gathered some of the most successful drivers in the industry to comprise all this information.

Our Team

Our team is a group of veteran drivers who are dedicated to improving the lives and earnings of our members. We will continue to bring more sponsors on for discounts as well as our “driver of the week” series. We can make an impact on this industry if we come together and act as one instead of individuals!

Discounts & Deals

The association will give our drivers more value through discounts and deals at places like sporting events and local restaurants.


We unite drivers to give them an aggregate voice. We have networking events for drivers to meet and connect. By building driver unity, we can guarantee that everybody can partake in the growth.

Legislation and Regulation

Drivers need legislation and regulation, we are focused on working with state governments to create and enhance rideshare direction.

Additional Business Services

We provide access to professionals & services that are applicable & relevant to rideshare drivers like legal, insurance and roadside assistance services.

Going The Extra Mile

One of the intentions of The Rideshare Driver’s Association of America is to be the beyond-expectation resource at times of unforeseen crisis for anyone working in the rideshare community. Peace of mind that we are a tenacious, esteemed community is the result we hope to establish.

RSDAA is Run by Actual Drivers